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Within the US we are currently facing the reality of a rapidly ageing population, and so it is absolutely vital that we begin to make preparations for the care of our loved ones, and ourselves, in later life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common preference for the elderly and infirm is to live out their remaining years within the comfort of their own home, rather than relocating to a nursing home or assisted living centre.

Unfortunately, it is not always practical for family members to provide all of the necessary care that is required for this to be feasible, as they have their own lives and commitments to attend to.

One option available is securing the services of a home health aide. Home health and personal care aides specialise in assisting elderly individuals, as well as those who are disabled, chronically ill or mentally impaired, and in need of day-to-day help and support from within their own homes.

Home health aides can assist with all kinds of activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning, in addition to other light housekeeping duties. Depending upon state regulations, home health aides may also be able to administer basic medical treatment and prescribed medicines, or help monitor a client’s vitals under the direct supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner or nurse.

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